Monetize Available Data

ROC Insights empowers you with strong actionable insights that will enable you to put your available data to good use

Bridge the Analytics Gap

The addition domain expertise and business context to analytics insights creates a powerful mechanism to bridge the A2B gap.

Extract Valuable Information

Don’t just end up viewing graphs and charts extracted out of data, but rather obtain easily consumable nuggets of contextual information.

Predict and Act Upon Irregularities

Find out issues even before they can occur, and be well prepared to mitigate risks or take actions to avoid them altogether.

Increase Overall Efficiency

Spend less time trying to organize data and instead make use of a steady stream of business insights that leads you straight into action.

Effectively Monitor Business Changes

Stay on top of trends and variations in your business, with accurate insights on factors affecting revenues and customer experience.


ROC Insights is a unique approach to solving the problem with data growth. The cornerstone of this program is to leverage big data and generate nuggets of information – which are “Consumable”, “Actionable” and “Contextual”. Based on Subex’s two decades of B/OSS expertise, telecom domain knowledge and telecom analytics experience, the program is built on the pillars of “Domain”, “Analytics” and “Technology”. The program is a combination of services and technology and enables cross-functional data correlation, and ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time for informed decision making.