Focus more on strategic business needs and less on day-to-day operations

Effectively manage issues of limited domain expertise

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In an era of intensifying competition, demanding customers, shrinking margins and near-flat top lines, it is imperative to manage Business Support Systems (BSS) effectively. There is a dearth of domain experts; Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) software products while implemented are not being utilized to their maximum capabilities; there is continuous pressure on managing with limited resources even though output expectations are sky high. Understandably, there is an opportunity to manage key BSS/OSS functions - Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Asset Assurance, Cost Management, Partner Settlement, Route Optimisation, Data Discovery and Reconciliation - smartly.


Subex offers a flexible and scalable Managed Services program that enables Communication Service Providers (CSP) to successfully meet the ever changing business, technology and customer requirements. Subex Managed Services program is designed to add both strategic and tactical value to CSP’s operations and enable better customer experience while also enhancing their operational efficiency, service agility and profitability. Experts from Subex are helping service providers around the world improve their BSS/OSS operations significantly, not just in the long term, but also on a day-to-day basis. We complement existing operations just as much as transform their business.


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