What does the life of a Subexian include?
Subex strives to create a stimulating work environment to help you develop your skills and advance your career - a team environment designed to promote and reward fairness, innovation, and commitment.

Professional Development - Every Day

At Subex, you develop continuously while doing your job. You learn from technical experts who help you reach your potential through career planning, meaningful on-the-job experiences, coaching, feedback, and focused training and development programs. Everyone works together to help you grow as an individual and provide you with new and different challenges.


Subexians come from all over the World. We bring a broad collection of backgrounds, education, lifestyles, and cultural orientation to the Team. Our diversity generates ideas and actions that result in the innovation we need for company growth, competitive advantage and industry leadership. It helps you appreciate cultural differences. And it exposes you to perspectives that will expand your horizons personally and professionally.

Work and Life, Life and Work

Subex respects that Subexians have unique interests inside and outside the workplace, we have created flexible work environments in which Subexians and their managers can find solutions to address both business and personal needs. We also offer programs and activities to help you manage both your professional and personal life.