Effective Reporting

Collect, compare and effectively report on capacity across growing number of network devices, technologies and platforms

Real-time Scenarios

Accurately report (in real-time) the remaining time before network congestion and service impact based on data projections

Future decisions to profitability

Get an accurate view of potential congestion ‘hot spots’ based on scenarios of additional resource allocation, subscriber consumption.


In order to keep up with the increasing bandwidth demands of customers, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly adding/modifying their resources. In order to plan for such capacity addition/modification, CSPs need to have an accurate picture of the network services and resources on a near real-time basis. CSPs generally use inventory views to plan capacity changes and since the inventory is hardly in sync with the rapidly changing network, there are capacity issues which crop up. These issues in turn affect business-critical applications and thereby impact customer experience. Even when the inventory is in sync with the network, the data collected is not represented in a format which can be easily understood by the user and thus appropriate capacity decisions cannot be taken.


Subex’s ROC Capacity Management solution enables CSPs to prevent an availability or performance impact on business critical applications due to capacity issues. It provides the critical link between discovering the network ‘as-is’ and presenting the data in a normalized and appropriate format. It further engages analytics functions to provide actionable intelligence and also predict scenarios and their impact on network capacity which would help CSPs to plan capacity investments accordingly. It provides a holistic view of capacity through which it helps CSPs see threshold violations on key links and resolve capacity issues based on near real-time data.


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  • Post the deployment of ROC ® Capacity Management, we are able to capitalize on multiple streams of network intelligence that we previously couldn't access.

    Senior Network Manager, Tier 1 European Operator