IRSF Fraud

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) has been rated as the top telecom fraud globally, causing significant revenue loss to telco businesses. Your telecom enterprise should be vigilant against these new-age attacks which are growing more sophisticated day by day. With the understanding that traditional approaches fail to address the new fraud trends, Subex has designed a pro-active IRSF management solution powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you safeguard your revenue and resources against these frauds.


International fraud, one global solution

Subex’s IRSF management concept revolves around a self-learning engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Compared to traditional rule engines, the self-learning approach allows you to configure new rules to suit your requirement using a wizard-based graphical user interface. The intelligent database updates the hotlist automatically by aggregating the newly identified global number ranges, and premium number ranges from different sources. With such capabilities, fraud management becomes streamlined and effective.

Never let the frauds take on your brand

IRSF not only impacts your revenue but also causes severe damage to brand reputation through customer disputes, compliance issues, and more. Thus, your IRSF action plan must focus on real-time fraud detection and empower your team to take proactive steps immediately to prevent future occurrence. Subex’s IRSF solution now provides you with an intuitive IRSF dashboard with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing you to take actions instantly. Traditional complex dashboards now pave a way to simple, user-friendly storyboards which can be comprehended by all levels of the workforce.



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