IRSF Fraud

International revenue share fraud management powered by Subex

Telcos need to safeguard networks from diverse types of frauds. Your telecom enterprise should be vigilant against international revenue share fraud (IRSF), a repetitive and increasingly sophisticated fraudulent breach of network security. Such attacks are perpetuated by hacking private branch exchanges (PBXs) and making frequent and parallel calls to high cost destinations.


International fraud, one global solution

Our international revenue share fraud management solution incorporates a threshold-based rules engine that analyzes complex traffic scenarios. You can configure the business rules to suit your business requirement using a wizard-based graphical user interface. The advanced rules engine addresses specific issues such as managing late call data records (CDRs), correlation of customer data with usage records, and sorting of data records to evaluate threshold. Our rules engine builds complex rules such as ratios, sequential patterns, negative usage, spikes in usage, distinct entities, and multiple count / destination numbers.

Business intelligence for revenue management

Subex provides holistic revenue assurance coverage in a traditional circuit-switched as well as next generation packet-switched landscape, streamlines integration during a merger, and navigates a technology shift such as Internet of Things (IoT). Our solution meets the revenue assurance needs of mobile and fixed line communications service providers (CSPs), analog data networks, digital data service providers and triple / quad play enterprises. It drives revenue growth by extracting unbilled revenue, leveraging automation to identify revenue leakage, and safeguarding revenue streams from potential losses.



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