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The 3 strategic pillars to service-based network analytics
Capacity Management

In the white paper, we discuss how domain-driven data science can provide CSPs with more accurate network planning and optimization decisions

Leveraging Machine Learning for Scam Detection
Fraud Management

Traditional vs Machine Learning methods of Scam Detection

Usage Data Integrity & Revenue Assurance
Business Assurance

The role of usage data integrity as a key element within an end-to-end revenue assurance framework

Preventing Telecommunication Fraud in Machine-to-machine Communications
Fraud Management

Understand the fraud threats in the M2M market and recommended counter measures

Bypass Fraud- Are You Getting It Right?
Fraud Management

Need for integrated hybrid approach to fight Bypass Fraud

Leveraging Analytics to Address Five Anomalies to Improve Your Business Performance
Analytics Center of Trust

Learn how anomaly analytics can be extremely useful in improving the bottom line of telecom operators

Interconnect Billing Challenges and Countermeasures
Partner Settlement

Know the generic challenges that telecom operators face as they move to the next gen IP based networks

Preventing Mobile Money Frauds With Appropriate Countermeasures
Fraud Management

Explore and understand the fraud threats in Mobile Money Services

Invoice Verification Through Structured Test Data
Revenue Assurance

An efficient strategy for invoice verifi­cation without the cost and complexity of running a full shadow billing process

Combating the Menace of Bypass Fraud
Fraud Management

Different ways to combating Bypass fraud

A Comparative Study of Revenue Assurance Vs. Data Warehousing
Revenue Assurance

The key differentiators between employing a Data Warehousing application and Revenue Assurance solution

Approach to Address Origin-based Rating
Partner Ecosystem Management

Read the whitepaper to know how Telcos can approach the OBR/A Number billing business challenge

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