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Your telecom enterprise needs robust roaming partnerships to maximize coverage as well as revenue. At the same time, your roaming services need to be supported by seamless billing, settlement and revenue management capabilities. Subex helps your telco navigate the heterogeneous roaming ecosystem with accurate billing and settlement of roaming services with partners.

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Our roaming solution supports end-to-end partner life cycle management by offering visibility into metrics of margins related to voice and data services of partner networks. It is integrated with our ROC™ Insights, revenue assurance and fraud management solutions, and is compatible with our services for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to provide complete roaming coverage.

100% roaming coverage from a revenue perspective

The Subex roaming solution offers a robust matching and rating engine, roaming-specific workflows, future-proof configurable roaming modeling, and automatic file exchange and reporting capabilities to offer a 360-degree view of roaming services and revenue management. It incorporates robust data loading and parsing, matching and rating, error handling, and transferred account procedure (TAP) / returned account procedure (RAP) file generation capabilities for data sharing between networks and the data clearing house or between networks.

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GSMA standard TD.57 TAP and TD.32 RAP support
Ensures accurate charging by validating and processing TAP records of roaming partners by generating accurate TAP files and reconciling them with RAP records of domestic and roaming partners.
CDR error handling
Recommends remedial action for inaccurate call data records (CDRs) with rationale.
Inter-operator tariff and wholesale rating
Delivers accurate roaming charging and billing based on re-rating of TAP files, robust rating and inter-operator tariff (IOT) validation.
Web reporting system
Offers a consolidated view of financial reports, revenue summary, revenue analysis and dispute resolution leading to better revenue management



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