Origin Based Rating

Origin-based rating powered by Subex

Your telecom enterprise needs to address regulation that governs origination and termination of calls in the European Union (EU). Complying with this regulatory mandate is compounded by shifts in classifications and pricing, origination based on volume and pricing, and surcharge rates levied by operators. The business imperative: monitor changes in interconnect pricing to avoid incorrect billing and prevent billing disputes with partners.


Subex provides a comprehensive origin-based rating (OBR) solution for routing, billing and settlements. Our end-to-end solution covers billing and routing based on origin as well as destination of calls. It complies with existing and future EU regulations on call origination and termination while ensuring your telco earns a fair share of revenue from interconnect pricing through accurate call rating, billing and routing.

Routing, buying and selling capabilities

The OBR solution from Subex integrates the guidelines of the Global Settlements Carrier (GSC) group and incorporates robust OBR routing, buying and selling capabilities:

  • Ingests vendor offers and provides a framework for changes in offers
  • Evaluates offers and takes into account A-numbers down to dial code
  • Offers business intelligence to assess the impact of A-number origin group codes
  • Undertakes dial code analysis to apply best cost route
  • Generates a selling price mechanism for OBR destinations and dial codes
  • Reconciles vendor invoices by taking into account spoofed A-numbers
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