Fraud Alerts

News about digital frauds from across the world curated and circulated to our subscribers once in a quarter.

    Fraud Alert
    October to December 2016
    Q3 - FY17

    Before launching any new feature on its messaging app, WhatsApp developer’s rollout some features

    July to September 2016
    Q2 - FY17

    All set for the biggest e-commerce sales of year? E-commerce website Flipkart has a warning for you.

    April to June 2016
    Q1 - FY17

    The terrifying new mobile phone scam that leaves you with a £300 bill for calls you never made

    January to March 2016
    Q4 - FY16

    Advertising Fraud Will Cost $7.2 Billion in 2016

    October to December 2015
    Q3 - FY16

    Report: For every $3 spent on digital ads, fraud takes $1

    July to September 2015
    Q2 - FY16

    Europol ‘dismantles’ Spanish cyber-crime group

    April to June 2015
    Q1 - FY16

    Spanish police bust ‘Premium Rate Text Messaging’ racket worth €5 million

    January to March 2015
    Q4 - FY15

    Two of FBI’s ‘Cyber Most Wanted’ arrested in Pakistan for PBX Fraud

    October to December 2014
    Q3 - FY15

    PBX Hackers leave a rm with bills over $166,000

    July to September 2014
    Q2 - FY15

    The Liberia Telecommunications Authority or LTA’s Anti Fraud Unit uncovered the largest illegal SIM Box network

    April to June 2014
    Q1 - FY15

    Internal Fraud ring busted in Senegal

    January to March 2014
    Q4 - FY14

    PRS Fraud racket worth £2.8 Million busted in UK

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