Bypass Fraud Solution

Bypass Fraud Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence

‘Survival of the fittest’ is the rule governing the telecom fraud landscape. Preventing Bypass fraud is, therefore, a business imperative not just to safeguard the interconnection revenue but to survive the competitive landscape as well. Subex now empowers you with the Artificial Intelligence enabled solution to detect SIM box activity faster and provide near real-time notifications with the enhanced analysis arena. Bypass Fraud Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) leverages machine learning profiler, community detection, and TCG to help you combat the fast-evolving interconnect threats and secure your revenue streams.

Bypass Fraud Solution
Bypass Fraud Solution

Innovation + Intelligence = Accuracy

Subex’s Bypass Fraud Solution powered by AI combines the best of traditional fraud management with modern machine learning models which continuously mine the deep behavioral patterns. The community detection attribute of the Bypass Detection Solution employs algorithms that constantly look for communities of fraudsters for faster threat detection. The real-time reporting APIs give a consolidated view of the data on a single, customizable dashboard for improved visibility and manageability.

Subex’s Bypass Approach

Bypass fraud solution powered by AI by Subex is built by adopting machine learning and analytics, now promises more value for your investment through the following:
• Subex’s AI Engine for faster detection and enhanced coverage
• Offered as a Service with support from Subex’s team of industry experts
• Enhanced Bypass detection capabilities to stop potential revenue loss
• A single-vendor solution to simplify management and save costs
• Analysis Arena for near real-time notifications and enhanced dashboards
• Lower Total cost of ownership

Bypass Fraud Solution


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