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Partnerships are the key to success as Telcos can leverage their partner’s strength. While everyone focuses on making the partnership work and be successful, fuel to this model is revenue and cost management. While it is not in the true intention of any partner to charge/pay for more/less than what it must be, it’s necessary to validate, communicate and resolve any errors in the settlement.

Identifying discrepancies and resolving them without delays is crucial for a healthy and profitable partnership. Discrepancy resolution is naturally a slow process and if not addressed at the right time and right pace, may end up in backlogs of unsettled invoices leading to unhealthy partnerships.

The challenge

The client receives an intimidating number of invoices from many partners. Usually, the analysts read the invoices, verify/reconcile the values against in-house recordings, and confirm the correctness.

An invoice conventionally possesses the following challenges for reconciliation:

  • Arrears from multiple past billing cycles make it inevitable to recompute the past month’s invoices along with the current one
  • Extra transactions compared to inhouse recordings and vice versa
  • Matching transactions, but discrepant Amount and Usage, etc.

The hindrance with the analyst is the high FTE involvement in invoice reconciliation before processing the payments. Also, constant human intervention inevitably introduces errors, inefficiency, undue delays, and high costs to the process.

Subex’s Partner Settlement solution comes in handy to address these challenges. Telcos should leverage this to deal with Carrier Invoice Reconciliation & Dispute management.

Partner Settlement Solution

The solution helps clients in the following aspects:

  • Automatic import of partner invoices as and when available either in email or specified server location.
  • Automatic segregation of the Arears to the respective past billing cycles for reconciliation purposes but doesn’t split the current invoice in its actuality. This ensures that the original invoice amount stays intact for the settlement purpose.
  • Automatic reconciliation and user notifications.
  • Threshold management for configuring tolerance in exceptions.
  • Threshold configuration at various process stages to provide the user more flexibility and control in Reconciliation and Dispute raising.
  • Integrated Dispute and Adjustment Management.
  • Automatic Dispute based on thresholds and user notification.
  • Workflow-based Dispute resolutions etc.
  • Partner specific policy-driven Reconciliation & Dispute management.

We drive efficiencies into your businesses via process automation to gain operational insight to support critical decision-making activities and enable you to achieve a competitive advantage. Subex Partner Settlement solution also allows you to introduce innovative services, bundled offerings, and products and handle billing for traditional and digital services, thereby opening new business streams for complex variable pricing models.

Manage interconnect partner settlement and billing with enhanced business visibility

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