Robust IoT Security Solution

An Industry proven and recognized state of the art security solution

Round-the-clock Operations

Global Security Operations providing 24X7 threat analysis and notifications

Ground-breaking Technology

Patent-pending technologies to correlate and reduce false positives

Real-Time Analytics

Detection engine that incorporates both Real Time & Trend Analytics capable of adapting to new & emerging threats in IoT

Pro-active Security

Network of honeypots monitored by security research professionals, updating signatures at regular intervals

Intelligent Dashboards

Dashboard and analytics providing real time threats and compliance reports


The advent of IPv6 and the wide deployment of Wi-Fi networks, IoT is growing at a fast pace, and researchers estimate that by 2020, the number of active wireless connected devices will exceed 40 billion. As a consequence of this, attacks on IoT devices are growing exponentially. In 2015, there were numerous cases of IoT hacks ranging from hackers remotely controlling connected cars to turning o¬ff vital devices such as pacemakers. Given that over 70% of the devices are susceptible to vulnerabilities, industry acknowledges the concern on IoT security.