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Surjeet Singh   Today we announced a stellar FY15 Q2 earnings results. With your support and confidence, we closed the quarter with Revenues at Rs. 9,050 lacs (US$ 15 million), up by 38.9% QoQ from Rs 6,518 lacs (US $ 10.9 million) in FY15 Q1. License & Implementation were at 24%, Managed Services at 38% & Support at 38% of the total revenues for the quarter.

There is a healthy increase in our EBIDTA ex forex which stood at Rs. 2,352 lacs (US$ 3.9 million), up by 461% QoQ from Rs. 419 lacs (US $ .70 million) in FY15 Q1 while Operating Profit ex-forex for the quarter is at Rs. 2,250 lacs (US$ 3.7 million), up by 744 % QoQ from Rs. 266 lacs (US$ .45 million). The company has free cash flow of US$ 4 million.
As we close the second quarter, we are confident that we are in the right path to progress. Our recently concluded Subex User Conference 2014 is testimony of our solutions capabilities and assurance of our customer’s support and belief in the company’s strategy and growth. As the industry continues to focus on enhanced efficiency and reduced capital expenditure, the prospects of Subex continue to be brighter than ever, indicating better performance ahead with our clarity of purpose and mission of stability.

Surjeet Singh
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Connect. Communicate. Collaborate - Subex User Conference 2014

Afterthoughts of Istanbul
The communications industry has played a tremendous role in bringing people together. Whilst we may work for rival operators, we are not defined by our rivalry. We often gain more by sharing than we lose by revealing our secrets. As chairman of the event, I opened with a few words that encouraged the audience to interact with the speakers and each other, to share their knowledge, to ask questions and engage in conversation. Their response left me feeling very privileged to chair this conference.
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T-Mobile’s excellence in Revenue Assurance with Subex’s Managed Services
Challenged by manual based methods, about 9 years ago, T-Mobile selected and deployed Subex’s ROC-RA solution. This powerful tool immediately delivered results to the Revenue Assurance team; and, with the several audits and controls initially created, T-Mobile’s core revenue stream was secured.
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First ever Operator Asset Management project at TM Forum
The Asset Management Group has been established to provide resources for interested members to collaborate in defining guidelines to set asset policies, track assets and manage the overall corporate balance sheet.
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A Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Capex Reduction
Telecom is Capex-intensive. This just puts a number on it. But there are further pressures on operator balance sheets. Most operators cannot maintain the required investments in their networks with cash from operations alone (as evidenced by declining EBITDA margins), so they pile on debt. This becomes a vicious cycle. Proceeds from bond sales yield more working capital, but debt service requires free cash. What’s the best way for an operator to increase free cash flow in the business? Reduce Capex! And around and around we go.
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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. This quarter’s Fraud Alerts discusses instances about PBX Hacking, SIM BOX Fraud and Identity Fraud.
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Webinar on Zen - The Virtual Analyst
Zen is the industry’s first Virtual RA Analyst, which directly gives root causes of leakages, improving analyst productivity by more than 75%. With Zen, the analysts are guided to the underlying root causes of discrepancies quickly in an automated manner, thereby removing manual error and dependency. This leads to productivity improvements of an order of magnitude of 10 to 20.
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“A cup of coffee commits one to 40 years of friendship” – Turkish Proverb
Network Transformations – From Survive to Thrive
The Dark Side of the Moon
TMF Asset Management Survey Report


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