Subex announces FY16 results
Today we announced our FY16 results with revenue of Rs. 323.35 cr and EBIDTA of Rs. 72.47 cr. Managed Services continued to grow over the last few years from under 15% to above 35% to create sustainable platform based services with long term contracts. Contracted revenue stands at all time high of US$140 million aided by Managed Services contracts.
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Subex announced winner of Pipeline Innovations Award 2016 for "Innovation in Security & Assurance"
Subex has been awarded Pipeline Award for “Innovation in Security & Assurance”. This year’s awards submissions were exceptional and illustrated the height of technical innovation. "Subex’s submission was particularly impressive and demonstrated how their ROC solutions protect service providers operations, revenues and business from error, fraud and malicious attack” said Scott St. John, Executive Editor Pipeline magazine
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Subex at TM Forum Live!
Subex was exhibiting at recently concluded TM Forum Live! in Nice, France. Subex showcased its industry leading ROC Solution suite for Business and CAPEX Optimization. The highlight of the showcase was brand new powerful Analytics offering - ROC Insights, that provides ‘Contextual’, ‘Consumable’ and ‘Actionable’ insights to communications service providers. Subex also showcased ROC Asset Assurance solution, which is the first of its kind for managing and reducing network CAPEX.

Subex launches ROC Asset Assurance 2.2 Solution
Subex has launched a new version of its Asset Lifecycle Management solution, ROC Asset Assurance 2.2. In this version, the solution has additional features like a centralized repository for active, passive and non-serialized network assets; the solution also identifies stranded, unutilized and underutilized assets and has productized the best practices in business processes in the form of workflows to effectively manage assets during the various stages in the life cycle of assets. All these exciting new features and capabilities now makes ROC Asset Assurance a complete Asset Lifecycle solution.
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Telecom Asset Management in SDN and NFV world
Subex conducted a webinar to discuss the industry’s best practices of Asset Management in SDN & NFV world. The podcast discusses the benefits of an effective Resource Lifecycle Management solution include ensuring physical and license resources are being utilized efficiently, thus contributing to the CAPEX optimisation value proposition of SDN and NFV and avoiding service orchestration fall outs due to unavailability of resources.
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Subex at IoT World Event
Subex exhibited at the IoT World in Santa Clara, California from May 9th - 12th, where it showcased its IoT Security Solution which is a real-time, proactive, affordable and scalable security solution designed to protect your customers, brand and devices from security breaches.

Subex will be speaking at CFCA’s 31st Annual Meeting
Subex will be speaking at the upcoming CFCA event in Montreal, Canada from 14th June to 16th June, on the topic - Social Network Analysis. The rate at which telco data records are growing is astonishing! This coupled with the fact that fraudsters are using advanced techniques to breakthrough, implies that traditional methods of fraud combat may fall short in various scenarios. At the event, Subex is going to talk about how fraud analysts can use the principles of social network analytics to investigate cases of fraud.
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Subex Launches ROC Partner Settlement 10.1
Subex has launched a new version of the industry leading Partner Settlement solution, ROC Partner Settlement 10.1. The new version brings with it an all new GUI built for better usability and greater workflow efficiency. The solution focuses on purposeful personalization, with an intuitive web client, built for tailored user experience.
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CommsRisk features Subex’s blog on Asset Assurance
Among the most common methods finance organizations employ to address the situation are manual audits performed on sample sites once or twice a year. This mostly provides insights on how far off the FAR is from reality. Generally, such spot audits are too limited and expensive to support systemic and continuous correction of the errant data.
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The Journey from Wholesale Settlement to Global Partner Management
Here is an interesting webinar about the evolution of Wholesale Settlements space. Wholesale has undergone incredible change in the past several years. This webinar discusses how the space has evolved, and what organizations and individuals should do to stay on top – a must have information for anyone working in the Wholesale space.
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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. This quarter’s Fraud Alerts discusses instances about Simbox Fraud and Fraud in Mobile Advertising.
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Location: Malta
Date: 24th - 26th May 2016
CFCA Annual Meeting
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date:14th June - 16th June, 2016
CANTO 32nd Annual Meeting
Location: Puerto Rico
Date: 31st July - 5th August, 2016
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Combating the Menace of Byass Fraud
Date: 8th of June
Time: 10 AM GMT and 4 PM GMT
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