February, 2014

Surjeet Singh   I'm very pleased to announce our financial performance for the third quarter ended December 31, 2013. With your support and confidence, we closed the quarter with Revenues at Rs. 9,144 lacs (US$ 15.3 million), up by 7% QoQ from Rs 8,544 lacs, with License & Implementation at 43%, Managed Services at 25% and Support at 32% of the total revenue.

There is a significant increase in our EBITDA of 27% at Rs. 2,645 lacs (US$ 4.4 million), up QoQ from Rs. 2,088 lacs (US $ 3.6 million). Operating Profit ex-forex for the quarter stood at Rs. 2,585 lacs (US$ 4.3 million), up by 27.5 % QoQ from Rs. 2,028 lacs (US$ 3.43 million) while Profit after Tax (ex forex) for the quarter is at Rs. 535 lacs (US$ 0.9 million), up by 16 % QoQ from Rs. 461.6 lacs (US$ 0.78 million).

Our performance in the past quarter is true testimony of our clarity of purpose and mission of stability. We recently won five new customer deals, worth USD $10 million, across key emerging markets and going forward are extremely optimistic about our order pipeline. With positive market momentum and uptake of our ROC Asset Assurance and Managed Services offerings, we believe we will see greater business traction going forward.

On behalf of Subex shareholders and management team, I would like extend my heartfelt thanks for your continued support and confidence in Subex.

Surjeet Singh

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Subex South Asia User Meet 2014

Subex Announces $10mn of New Deals
Subex, Indian vendor of business assurance software, has announced 5 new customer contracts in emerging markets, worth USD10mn in total. Two of the deals are in the Asia Pacific region, two from North Africa and one in the Middle East. The deals cover Subex’s revenue assurance, fraud management and credit risk offerings, some of which will be supplied as a managed service.

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ROC Partner Settlement product has been awarded ‘Runners-up’ in the ‘Best Global Product/Service’ category.
Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has announced that its ROC Partner Settlement product has been awarded ‘Runners-up’ in the prestigious Global Carriers Awards 2013 by Capacity Magazine under the ‘Best Global Product/Service’ category.
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Maximising Capex efficiency – introducing Asset Assurance
The fact that 20 percent of a telecoms operator’s assets underperform is startling enough. When you add the scale of capex spending to this statistic – at more than $325 billion in 2011 – it makes you stop, think and realize that we are looking at a $65 billion inefficiency
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Subex user conference leverages assets
Dublin played host to this year’s Subex User Conference and it should be proud. The industry seems to have embraced the User Group as an alternative to the ‘independent’ conference and rightly so. The commercial conference will always have an in-built conflict.
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The Value of Network Asset Assurance
I was very impressed by the quality of the presentations given at the Subex User Conference. There was a lot of straight talk from Subex’s customers, identifying and explaining how their assurance teams were analyzing data in ways that move beyond the traditional aims of revenue assurance and fraud management.
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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. This quarter’s Fraud Alerts discusses instances about SIMBOX Fraud, PBX Hacking and Internal Fraud.
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Subex at Wholesale Fraud Forum, London
Wholesale fraud is on the rise and organisations need to take necessary precautions against it. Findings from a recent survey by Subex and Capacity Media indicate that carriers lost around $6.12 billion to fraud last year. Needless to say, Wholesale Fraud cannot be ignored as cost of doing business any longer and needs a fresh approach in order to be combated.
Download the Wholesale Fraud survey report here

Join the Community
The Asset Management Group has been established to provide resources for interested members to collaborate in defining guidelines to set asset policies, track assets and manage the overall corporate balance sheet.

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