Volume No. 27

Hi all,

I would like to begin this newsletter by expressing my gratitude to the entire telecom industry that is keeping the world connected amidst the COVID-19 crisis. It gives us great pride to be associated with the telecom fraternity, without which the socio-economic impact of the pandemic would be of unimaginable scale. So, thank you for your contribution to the world!
On account of the COVID-19 situation, we have put in place all measures to ensure the safety and well-being of Subexians, and I am happy to state that 100% of our workforce is safe and healthy. Having enabled complete work from home in all geographies that we operate, we have been equally focused on maintaining business as usual and limiting the impact to our customers, if any, to a minimum. I would like to thank all our customers and Subexians for their co-operation in making this a smooth transition.

On the business front, we just announced our FY20 results, and I am happy to state that we posted yet another positive quarter, keeping us on our growth path. During the year, we enhanced our Digital Trust portfolio and initiated expansion into Fintech and e-Commerce segments through our new products. We have also added some great new logos on the back of renewed traction for our Digital Trust portfolio in the North America and APAC regions. While FY20 was overall positive, the recent changes in market dynamics require all businesses to adapt rapidly, and we are closely monitoring the developments to ensure we emerge even stronger in FY21.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

Thanks and Regards,
Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Subex

Subex announces FY20 results; Reports successive quarters of growth

We announced our consolidated financial results for the year ended 31st Mar 2020, and are continuing on our growth path. Here is the detailed press release.
Key highlights from the financial year
FY20 was a positive year overall, and we made some exciting announcements. Here are a few selected ones for your reading.
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VIVA Kuwait renews a multi-year contract for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management with Subex
This marks the renewal of the earlier contract that both companies had for the provision of Business Assurance and Fraud Management solutions.
Subex wins multi-year deal from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to deploy Analytics Centre of Trust
The deployment will enable data-driven decision making, thereby improving operational efficiency.
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