Hi all,
I am excited to present to you the next edition of our newsletter, and also bring to you some exciting updates from Subex. We just announced our financial results for FY 19, and I am happy to state that our revenue for the year stood at INR 3,481 million, clocking an increase of 7.3%. Further, our Profit after tax was INR 252 million which is a significant 21.7% increase from FY18.

This has been a year of moving from stability to growth phase for Subex. FY19 has been a successful both from a strategy and execution perspective where we met expectations. We started off the year by defining a 3-Horizon strategy with an objective to be the pioneers in Digital Trust across multiple verticals. We have reinvigorated our core offerings in Horizon I with the infusion of AI/ML, empowering our customers to embrace digital disruption. Our Horizon II offerings have also garnered considerable momentum in the market, with numerous large telcos and system integrators showing keen interest in areas like IoT Security. Further, in line with our Horizon III plans, we launched CrunchMetrics, which is a multi-vertical anomaly detection solution, and have already completed multiple successful pilots in different verticals. As CrunchMetrics begins to make its mark in the anomaly detection space, we’re gearing up for our next Horizon III offering in the coming months, which I promise will be even more exciting!

As for Q4, it was perhaps the best quarter we had in recent times in terms of new business bookings, further illuminated by key customer wins and strategic partnerships. It is encouraging to see that our focused efforts and strategy have resulted in a very positive FY19, thereby providing the necessary impetus for a stronger FY 20. We have stepped into the new financial year with great zeal and a lot of positivity, with a very focused vision of being the pioneer in Digital Trust. Considering that Digital trust is emerging as a key pillar of digital economy, we are confident about significant value creation for all our stake holders.

As always, we look forward to your continued support to #WinTogether.

Vinod Kumar, CEO and MD, Subex Ltd.
Subex diversifies into new verticals with the launch of CrunchMetrics
Subex launched CrunchMetrics - an advanced AI based anomaly detection system catering to the Telecom, Retail and FinTech verticals, helping them discover business opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time.

Subex awarded 6-year contract from VodafoneZiggo
Subex has been awarded a six-year deal with VodafoneZiggo to deploy its ROC Partner Settlement and Route Optimization Solutions on a SaaS model for VodafoneZiggo’s new Interconnect Billing Platform.

Subex wins 5-Year multi-million-dollar contract with BTC
Subex has signed a 5-year multi-million-dollar deal for multiple ROC products with Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC), a leading telecom services provider in Botswana.

Subex wins 5-year deal from Umniah to deploy ROC Revenue Assurance
Subex won a 5-year deal with Umniah, one of the fastest growing and most trusted telecommunications providers in Jordan, to deploy ROC Revenue Assurance with Hadoop capabilities.

Point of View - The Power of Blending Human Intelligence with Machine Intelligence
Analytics, in its present form, is conceived to be merely a set of tools and pre-set algorithms which run in isolation. In this Point of View, we deep-dive into the criticality of combining Human Intelligence with Machine Intelligence and provide insights on how the perfect blend can be achieved.
Point of View - The Decentralised Way Of Digital Partnerships
Digitalisation has opened up a lot of opportunities for collaboration and partner management is a key to sustain a powerful partner ecosystem. This Point of View(POV) highlights how a partner management solution, when combined with blockchain can address some of the key challenges of partnerships.
Webinar - 3-Part Webinar on Digital Fraud Prevention
In the 3-part webinar series, Kiran Zachariah Head of Security, Subex discussed the need for telcos to embrace digital methods to prevent frauds. The webinar covered advanced digital mechanisms that can prevent voice, data and digital services related frauds.
Webinar - Measuring Telecom Analytics Maturity
In this webinar, Harsha Burly - Director - Data Science, Subex and Dr. Sumit Singh, Principal Data Scientist discussed about how CSPs today need to understand their analytics maturity in the current landscape. The webinar also covered how they can build a holistic analytics maturity assessment through the Subex maturity model.

Upcoming Webinars

Digital Contract Management
Webinar will cover the impact of digitalization on telco wholesale business partnerships and how telcos can manage complex partner contracts effectively.

Intelligent Network Investment Planning - Part 1
Webinar will cover how telcos can overcome network capacity challenges with Machine Learning based network investment planning.

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The industry is innovating with artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. In this buzzing scene, another trend which underpins the growth of service providers is the marked shift from rule-based systems to data-driven automation.

CxO Of The Week: Shankar Roddam, Chief Operating Officer, Subex
CiOL has chosen Shankar, Chief Operating Officer, Subex, CxO Of The Week. The CxO is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Delivery. He comes with extensive international experience and ability to scale businesses in highly competitive environments, particularly around the SaaS space.

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