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Volume No. 24


We are back with the next edition of our newsletter, and we have some exciting reading material lined up for you. First up, I would like to personally invite you all to our User Conference scheduled for the 24th and 25th of October in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The theme of this year's event covers a prevalent issue that has gained prominence in recent times, and that is 'Digital Trust'. As telcos, we play a huge role in the rapid digitalization of the world that we're witnessing. However, in the race to the digital summit, the aspect of Trust often gets ignored, only to impact the business at crucial stages.

What businesses need to understand is that Digital Trust is the new lifeblood or currency of digital business, and it wraps around every aspect of it, playing a crucial role in helping them succeed. Our agenda for the User Conference has been carefully crafted to leave the audience knowledge-rich about the concept of Digital Trust, and how each of us play vital roles in establishing trust in the digital world.

On the innovation front, I am pleased to announce that we are now part of the Communications Blockchain Network, in our pursuit to make Blockchain a business reality. We are also working on setting up a Blockchain lab and you will hear announcements about that shortly. We also released our quarterly 'State of IoT Security' report recently, and it has some great insights that will provide a closer look at the security landscape in the connected world.

We recently announced our quarterly financial results, and we closed Q1 with an increase in revenue, and PAT. The space that we compete in is currently in its consolidation phase, with massive business developments reflecting this. Through the decision to move our products to the next phase of evolution with the infusion of AI/ML, our solutions continue to see demand in the field.

Overall, we witnessed an all-round development in the quarter, and we are on track to achieve our objectives in the areas of financials, innovation and customer success. We look forward to your continued support and co-operation.

Vinod Kumar, CEO and MD, Subex Ltd.

Top Stories

Subex announces FY20 Q1 Results with Revenue of INR 790 million and EBITDA* of INR 152 million

Subex, a leading telecom analytics solution provider, today announced its consolidated financial results for the year ended June 30, 2019. Read more

Telefónica to Partner with Subex on New Cybersecurity Venture

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Subex wins multi-year deal from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to deploy Analytics Centre of Trust

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Subex joins GLF’s (Global Leaders’ Forum) Communications Blockchain Network

Subex today announced that it will be a part of the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum’s Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), a blockchain-based consortium which aims to revolutionize the ICT Service Provider industry’s commercial settlement infrastructure. Read More
Subex and Rhino Niger Networks sign partnership to offer Telecom Analytics Solutions in Africa

Subex, a leading telecom analytics solution provider, announced a strategic partnership with Rhino Niger Networks to cater to the digital transformation demands within the African markets. Read More
The State of IoT Security Global Report - Q2 2019

The State of IoT Security Report Q2 2019 – has been prepared from threat intelligence drawn from over 62 cities across the globe through our honeypot. The data includes covers all types of IoT deployments and gives the reader information on the threat environment surrounding them at global and regional levels... Download Report

Thought Leadership
Combating Identity Fraud with AI/ML Techniques

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The evolving paradigms of digital contract management

Digitalization has opened a plethora of opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSP) across the globe to transform their traditional service offerings, moving from telephony into content-driven businesses and reaching the status of Digital Service Providers (DSP). Read More
Expert Quote

“The future of Business Assurance revolves around utilization of cutting edge technology to provide a robust ability to optimize business performance and protect the customer experience.”

Terri Smith
VP Business Intelligence/System Integrity at T-Mobile USA

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Media Coverage
IoT Security Must Evolve To Survive

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Upcoming Events
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• RAG Forum | South Africa | 01st – 02nd Oct
• GovWare | Singapore | 01st – 03rd Oct
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Subex User Conference
Subex User Conference is a perfect platform for our customers to meet and exchange thoughts on various topics. The event provides an excellent opportunity to learn from peers, challenge Subexians with industry problems that influence product roadmaps, collectively brainstorm on improving operations, and share unbiased opinions on product performance. Register Now