It is indeed a matter of immense pride and honour for me to take on the reins of CEO and Managing Director of Subex. I thank you for the tremendous support that you have shown us, as a valued customer of subex, that has helped us to weather a number of challenges in recent years.

CSPs are forging ahead to become digital service providers and we have geared ourselves to partner and support you through this transition by helping you build new business models, enhance customer experience and optimise operations.

Over the last year, we have significantly enhanced the capabilities of our products by enabling them with Machine Learning capabilities and support of big data stacks. We have taken great strides with Subex Secure, our new multi-vertical IoT Security solution with the largest threat intelligence library, which already protects over 8 million IoT devices. On the financial side, we have made notable savings in our interest cost and improved our operational profitability, which in turn has freed up cash for investments.

As we double down the investments to grow our portfolio this year, we intend to make our customers central to whatever we do. We will consistently work to achieve our goals through initiatives that place a high priority on customer needs. We are excited about these portfolio enhancements and will remain committed to ensuring our customers’ success.

You will find below the details of some exciting things that are happing at Subex. I thank you again and look forward to your continued support.

Vinod Kumar, CEO and MD, Subex Ltd.


Leveraging Analytics to Address Five Anomalies to
Improve your Business Performance
In the whitepaper, we identify the five different kinds of Anomaly Analytics and how they can help in improving the performance of Telecom companies.


Building A Successful Digital Ecosystem Through
Converged Partner Management
Read about a solution that helps CSPs build a platform that can effectively on-board and manage both traditional and digital partners without straining their internal resources.

Converged Partner Management: Will It Address Telco’s Concerns?

Why Telcos Need Real-Time Revenue Assurance?

The Trifecta Effect for Telco Analytics – Anomaly Detection

GDPR – A New Road to Trust


Looking to Transform Your BSS/OSS System? A Failed Migration Can Cost You Dearly
The Datasheet covers the various challenges and risks telcos face in their migration attempts. It also talks about how Subex helps CSPs undergo a successful migration


Improving IoT Security: A Podcast Interview with InfoRisk Today
“Organizations in all sectors need to strive to adopt a standardized approach for ensuring that security is built into IoT devices at the design phase.”


Subex wins Aegis Graham Bell Award for Analytics
Subex has been announced as the winner in “Data Science” category for their innovation “ROC Insights” at Aegis Graham Bell Award 2017, honoring the best innovation in the ICT domain in India.

Subex at GSMA FASG #11 | Tokyo, Japan | 11th - 15th May, 2018

TM Forum Digital Transformation World | Nice, France | 14th – 16th, May 2018

Big Communications Event 2018 | Austin, Texas | 14th - 16th, May 2018

CFCA Annual Meeting & Summer Educational Event | Chicago, IL, USA | 26th - 28th, June 2018
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