May 2014

Surjeet Singh   I'm very pleased to announce our financial performance for the year ended March 31, 2014. With your support and confidence, we closed the year with Revenue from Product Business at Rs. 34,005 lacs (US$ 58.0 million), up by 10.64% YoY from Rs. 30,734 lacs (US$ 57.2 million) and for the quarter at Rs. 8,541 lacs (US$ 14.20 million). License & Implementation were at 40%, Managed Services at 27% and Support at 33% of the total revenue for the year.
There is a significant increase in our EBIDTA of 77.7% for the year at Rs. 8,678 lacs (US$ 14.8 million), up from Rs. 4,882 lacs (US$ 8.6 million) and for the quarter at Rs. 2,376 lacs (US$ 4.0 million). Operating Profit (ex-forex) for the year stood at Rs. 7,978 lacs (US$ 13.2 million), up by 79% YoY from Rs. 4,455 lacs (US$ 7.67 million) and for the quarter at Rs. 1,728 lacs (US$ 2.87 million). Profit after Tax (ex forex) for the year stood at Rs. 517 lacs (US$ 8.6 million), up by 110.44% YoY from a loss of Rs.5,049 lacs (US$ 9.3 million) and for the quarter at Rs. 131 lacs (US$ 2.17 million).

We have ended another strong year and our performance is a true testimony of our clarity of purpose and mission of stability. Our Bangalore and London office were recently certified the ISO 27001 certificate and we were jointly awarded the prestigious GTB Innovation Award 2014 along with Telstra for Business Service Innovation. These industry recognitions are a testimony of our sustained focus on product innovation and on strategic growth areas such as ROC Asset Assurance and Managed Services; areas we continue to invest in to improve our offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the telecom industry.

On behalf of Subex shareholders and management team, I would like extend my heartfelt thanks for your continued support and confidence in Subex.

Surjeet Singh

Top Stories
Subex & Telstra awarded the GTB Innovation Award 2014 for Business Service Innovation
Subex attended Telecoms Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance World Summit 2014

Asset Assurance: Bridging the Gap between OSS-BSS
According to a PwC survey telecoms operators indicated that they could be wasting up to 20% or $65 billion/year in capex and in the last decade the long term return on investment (ROI) has been 6%, three percent less than the cost of capital. Their survey also revealed that the current capex process was deeply flawed and capex decisions were driven by technology and not business and commercial objectives.

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TM Forum Asset Management Survey
The first ever Operator Asset Management Survey towards fully defining the Asset Management space, to gain insights and bring ultimate standards into the network capex optimization practices within operators globally.
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Subex will be presenting at TMF Live!
Subex will be presenting at the upcoming TMF Live! event in Nice, France. Along with this, we will also be a part of a panel discussion on the topic 'Can creative tariff plans save network operators?'. The discussion will revolve around whether tariff innovations can help communications service providers differentiate themselves in the market.
View more details about Subex's participation here

Subex and Telstra awarded the prestigious Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards 2014 under the ‘Business Service Innovation’ category
Subex Ltd announced that it has been awarded the Global Telecoms Business Innovation (GTB) Awards 2014 along with Telstra Global in the ‘Business Service Innovation’ category for Unified Billing operations using ROC Partner Settlement.
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Explosive growth of network data: Are operators ready to control their network CAPEX?
The paradigm shift from collecting to connecting data brings a deluge of traffic volumes and prompts ever-greater investment in infrastructure. Smart spending is the need of the hour, when a new wave of technology comes before reaping the benefits from the previous one. Network Assets may get stranded, under-utilized or ignored while budgets are spent on (perhaps) ineffective additional equipment.
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Telecoms Failing Badly in CAPEX: The Desperate need for Asset Management and Financial Visibility
A 2012 PwC report put the telecom industry on the operating table, opened the patient up, and discovered a malignant cancer: poor network CAPEX management, a problem that puts telecoms in grave financial risk. In this interview, a supplier of network analytics solutions provides greater detail on the problem and lays out its prescription for deeper asset management, capacity planning and data integrity checks.
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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. This quarter’s Fraud Alerts discusses instances about PRS, PBX Hacking and IRSF Fraud.
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The all NEW – an optimization approach
In order to elevate our existing web presence to the next level, we are pleased to launch the all new website which is clean, lean and feature-packed! Our new website has been built after thorough understanding of today’s web dynamics and is aligned with our overall digital marketing strategy. The website is currently live and brings to the table numerous improvements aimed to enhance viewer experience in multiple ways
View the all new website here (

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Managed Services – An important weapon in a telco’s arsenal for BSS business optimisation
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