Subex announces FY17 Q3 Results
Today we announced our FY17 Q3 results with Revenue of INR 9,578 lacs and EBIDTA of INR 2,446 lacs. We closed the third quarter with Revenues at Rs. 9,578 lacs (US$ 14.2 million), up by 15.0 % QoQ from Rs. 8,336 lacs (US $ 12.4 million) in FY17 Q2. License & Implementation were at 39%, Managed Services at 30% & Support at 31% of the total revenues for the quarter. .

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Are your business strategies truly in line to wither the digital revolution?
The Digital Revolution will be a make-or-break opportunity for Telcos, and to stay ahead of the curb, they will need to embrace it at the core. At the heart of the digital revolution are consumers who are now demanding for more powerful devices, enhanced social identities, improved connectivity, more sources for entertainment and information and flexibility. Unsurprisingly, due to these facets of digitalization, the telecom industry becomes a critical element in the digitalization process across multiple sectors. Meet us during Mobile World Congress 2017 at booth number 5F10 in Hall 5 to understand how we can help you to successfully embark on digital transformation.

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The Changing Market Landscape with John Brooks
In a podcast with Commsrisk, John Brooks discusses the state of the risk and assurance market amidst the transformation of telcos worldwide. John identifies some really big changes in the telecom landscape and the implications to those working in risk and assurance. According to John, “Voice had always been the dominant revenue maker in the industry. It is not anymore. Data Services, where they are carrying a voice call, or a text message, or an email, data services are where the money is, and how we are going to monetize that will be a nasty, nasty problem, and it already is a nasty problem to deal with.”

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Subex Joins Elite Foundation Backers of RAG
Given the changing dynamics of the industry and the increasing importance of digital, knowledge sharing is becoming very critical. We are delighted to associate with the Risk & Assurance Group and through this platform we look forward to collaborating with and learning from our peers and partners. Our goal is to educate and spread knowledge through the expertise we have acquired by working in this industry for over 20 years – Mr. Vinod Kumar, COO – Subex

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Don’t Get Left Behind – a CFO Guide to Leveraging Advanced Analytics’
Subex conducted a webinar to discuss how CFOs can leverage the power of advanced analytics to deal with challenges, while adopting to technology disruption to ensure that they deliver revenue growth and improving margins. 

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Traditional services are dying, What’s next for Telcos?”
A survey reveals that telecom companies with robust digital capabilities boast a profit margin of 43 percent, compared to their counterparts whose margins hover around 21 percent. These insights implies that digital transformation is the way ahead and consumers are at the heart of this transformation. A service provider that can successfully manage partners will be able to maximize its revenue potential across the digital value chain. Subex recently conducted a webinar to discuss how can Telcos benefit from digital transformation and address challenges of interconnect settlements in digital world.

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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. The last quarter's Fraud Alerts discussed instances about SIM Box, IVR Phising etc.

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