Volume No. 28
Hi all,

Before proceeding to describe our highlights for the first quarter of FY21, I would like first to take a moment to wish that each and every one of you is safe and healthy.
Like most businesses in the current situation, Subex too has been tasked with changing the way our business operates. In a move to ensure the safety and well-being of Subexians across our offices, we transitioned towards a remote working environment for the quarter. This move was new to us, and while there was an initial period of acclimatization, I’m happy to say that we adapted very quickly. Our robust business continuity plan, coupled with the agility demonstrated by Subexians across the globe, ensured minimal disruption, in terms of our operations, and ensuring our commitments to our customers remain fulfilled. I would like to thank every Subexian and all our customers for their cooperation and support in making this transition a smooth one. I believe our ability to adapt to this new way of working is a testament to the values we hold dear at Subex.

I’m also happy to say that these efforts have reflected in the business as well. Despite the hurdles brought on by the global pandemic and the change in business, we witnessed a positive first quarter of revenue growth and profitability as compared to Q1FY20. We were also able to win some new deals specifically in the European and US markets. We further look to build upon our capabilities through our identified investable areas such as Blockchain, AI, Security, and Augmented Analytics. We believe that as the current situations add in further demands towards connectivity and remote collaboration, the emphasis towards Digital Trust will only intensify, thus opening up new opportunities for Subex. We are confident that these opportunities will help us continue on our growth path, and we look towards a strong FY21.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Subex

Subex announces Q1FY21 results;
Reports 12.3% YOY growth

Subex, a pioneer in the space of Digital Trust, today announced its consolidated financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2020. Revenue for the quarter at INR 887 million as against INR 790 million in Q1FY20.
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