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Surjeet Singh   Today we announced the company’s financial performance for the quarter ended June 30, 2014. Our Revenue for the quarter stood at Rs. 6,518 lacs (US$ 10.9 million). License & Implementation were at 24%, Managed Services at 38% & Support at 38 % of the total revenues for the quarter. EBIDTA ex forex for the quarter stood at Rs. 419 lacs (US$ 0.7 million) with Operating Profit ex-forex at Rs. 266 lacs (US$ 0.45 million). Profit after Tax (PAT) for the quarter was at Rs. (-)2,060 lacs (US$ (-)3.5 million). The company has free cash flow of Rs. 2,616 lacs (US$ 4.2 million).
The overall results have been in line with the internal plans. The recognised revenue for the quarter is sequentially lower due to unavoidable delays; however these don’t reflect any change in the business momentum. We continue to see enhanced market need for our solution sets, in particular Asset Assurance, where we are partnering strategically with our customers to help optimise the capex spending besides providing insights into revenue items.

Surjeet Singh
Subex Aims To Be A $100mn Business Within 3 Years
People keep asking me about Subex, the Indian business assurance vendor, like I should know all about its inner workings. Or rather, they ask like I should know about its inner workings and know if there is any truth to this-or-that rumour which floats around those internet chatrooms for people who talk a lot about share prices.
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Capex reduction begins with knowing what you've got but really accelerates with knowing what you need
Today telecom operators are spending huge sums of money on new infrastructure for advanced telecom systems like 4G/LTE, IPX etc. without adequate visibility on revenue growth. A long term issue facing operators has been under-utilisation of assets and in some cases the loss of network assets. At the crux of the problem is the unfortunate reality that operators don’t have an accurate picture of what assets and inventory they already own.
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GO Selects Subex for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management
Kelvin Camenzuli, Chief Technical Officer, GO plc, said, “Protecting revenues across our telecoms offerings has always been a key focus and that was the decisive factor for choosing Subex’s ROC Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions. Subex’s experience in the global revenue assurance space is unparalleled and we are confident that this engagement will enable us to enhance our business in a more effective manner."
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ROC Fraud Management Success Story - Econet Wireless
Econet, a Zimbabwean operator with an objective of creating a proactive Fraud Management function comprising of detection, investigation and prevention chose ROC Fraud Management to meet their requirements. ROC Fraud Management helped in end-to-end Fraud Management, from initial information gathering and detection through case closure. It enabled the operator to move towards Fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, reducing fraud run time, augmenting internal controls and through continuous fraud management process improvement.
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Webinar on Intelligent Alarm Qualifier
A Webinar on Intelligent Alarm Qualifier was conducted for existing ROC Fraud Management customers. The duration of the webinar was 60 minutes and the agenda included Introduction to IAQ, Working principle, Benefits, Roadmap discussion and Q&A. Over 40 attendees from various geographies participated in the Webinar and made it successful.
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Insight for ROC Fraud Management
Increased competition, reduced margins, resource restrictions and the ever maturing threat posed by fraudsters, makes it more important than ever for Senior Management to ensure that all aspects of their Fraud Management function are optimised and Fraud Risks are appropriately mitigated. In order to support our customers in exceeding their operational goals Subex has launched ‘Insight’ - a range of assessment services designed to support the delivery of rapid business function optimisation.
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Telecom Fraud Alerts
Subex, in its endeavor to drive fraud prevention, circulates quarterly fraud alerts to help operators stay in sync with the latest trends in telecom fraud. This quarter’s Fraud Alerts discusses instances about PRS, PBX Hacking and IRSF Fraud.
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