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Subex FY14 Q1 Results
Subex announced the FY14 Q1 results with Product revenues of Rs. 7,776 lacs (US$ 14 million), up from Rs. 7,096 lacs (US$ 12.8 million) in FY13Q1 and with an Operating Profit of Rs. 1,453 lacs (US$ 2.6 million). The company has successfully maintained EBITDA at around 20% and increased PAT by 246% through a sharpened focus on our core products and increased traction of our long-term sustainable Managed Services offering.

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Subex COO Explains Strategy to talkRA
“Building on a solid and well defined base, continuing the trend toward long-term relationship and predictable revenues, educating markets over the next 18-24 months – these are some of the key growth strategies for Subex in the coming year” says Vinod Kumar to talkRA
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Why is capex becoming a key focal point for operators today?
The impact of the global financial crisis and saturation of telecoms markets across the globe has compelled operators and investors to look into more profitable revenue streams such as mobile content and applications. Based on these market trends, investors are shifting their valuation criteria from revenue growth to return on investment. This calls for operators to chalk out new plans and manage their biggest investment line item – network capex
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Unlocking Stranded Assets - How to maximize Time to Revenue?
In an age where the last scrap of efficiency and use must be released from every asset, human, machine or otherwise, tools such Asset Assurance, one that allows CFOs and CTOs to actively manage the lifecycle of their assets will be a great relief to operators– and customers.
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Big Data Analytics – How CSPs can generate more profits from their data?
Big data although poorly defined has created considerable interest in both vendors and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and has got big data onto the agenda of most CSPs at board level. Analysys Mason report on Big Data and Analytics gives an overview of the market and features Subex as a key player in Analytics
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Wholesale carriers lost $6.12 billion to Fraud in 2012
The results of the first ever in-depth global survey to understand the impact of fraud on the wholesale carrier industry was published by Subex in collaboration with Capacity Media. Wholesale Carrier market is estimated to be around $170 Billion and the survey results indicate that carriers are estimated to have lost US$6.12 billion to fraud last year alone, raising the question is fraud an issue carriers can any longer afford to ignore?
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Migrating to Next-gen OSS/BSS? How prepared are you?
A telecom operator’s goals from transformation projects may be multiple, like reduced cost of operations, increased functionality, gaining competitive advantage etc. but it is necessary to understand that many of these goals/objectives may eventually be defeated without the overlay of an effective Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management system during the transformation phase.
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Special Report: Wholesale Systems for Advanced Services
A typical wholesaler-to-partner relationship of the past has been quite formal and business-like - often adversarial. The reason? The wholesaler was largely in control of the relationship because the partner’s choice of wholesale suppliers was rather limited. Yet now that advanced services have arrived, the wholesaler/partner relationship has been flipped on its head. Today, it’s often the partner or reseller who has the stronger negotiating hand thanks to some dramatic industry developments
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Launch of ROC Partner Settlement v9.9
According to the recent “ Wholesale Systems for Advanced Services ” survey conducted by Technology Research Institute (TRI), Global Settlements Carrier Group (GSC) and Subex, in today’s dynamic telecoms marketplace the boundaries of ‘wholesale’ have gone from rigid to permeable. It’s no longer just about buying & selling of traditional voice traffic.
Realizing this market need, Subex has launched version 9.9 of ROC Partner Settlement solution to manage a gamut of next generation content and data services in addition to its voice services.
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Press Release on ROC Partner Settlement v9.9 Launch

Dates: 23rd & 24th October 2013
Location: Dublin
Venue: Crowne Plaza, Dublin

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