Volume No. 33 

Hi all,

I hope you and your family are safe and are doing well. With things slowly getting back to normal, it seems like there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel, and if everyone acts responsibly from here on, we can expect brighter days ahead.

At Subex, we had quite an exciting quarter, and I am happy to share some highlights with you. In fact, it seems like we have a problem of plenty here, as I find it hard to capture all the key updates in my opening remarks. However, giving prominence to the uniqueness of it, I want to highlight one key milestone in my note, and that is the launch of HyperSense AI Studio on a SaaS model. AI Studio helps telcos build and deploy AI models within minutes, without writing a single line of code! The reception has been encouraging, and I would urge you and your teams to avail the free trial available here.

Apart from this, I think it would be best to summarize the last quarter as a ‘Quarter of Thought Leadership’. We were granted a patent (a very unique one!), won 3 awards, drove 2 TMF catalysts, collaborated with RAG for a survey on Digital Trust, and even published numerous success stories with leading operators. All of this, and more is captured in this edition of the Subex Newsletter, and I hope you find it insightful.

Our Digital Trust strategy has continued to gain traction. We witnessed several key wins including the likes of Robi and Dhiraagu, and some for our new product range validating the product-market fit our new offerings such as IDcentral and Sectrio.

We are geared up for an exciting Q3, and would request your continued support in our quest to create value for our customers.

Happy reading!
Stay healthy and stay strong!

Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Subex


Subex announces its consolidated financial results for Q2FY22 

ai studio
Build AI models in minutes! Try AI Studio for Free
AI Studio is a beautiful no-code, AI platform that enables you to build AI models, predict outcomes, automate decision-making in minutes. Build your first AI model with a customized free trial of AI Studio. 


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Subex announced as a winner in the 2021 Pipeline Innovation Awards
Subex was declared as the winner in the 2021 Pipeline Innovation Awards in Artificial Intelligence category for its no code, Augmented Analytics platform, HyperSense. This category recognizes innovations related to the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions.



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- by Shankar Roddam