Your Virtual Guide to Leveraging Telecom Analytics

Why you should watch the demo?

ROC Insights is an advanced analytics solution that provides a unique approach to telcos in the form of consumable storyboards to leverage their data by generating business insights within 8 weeks. It leverages a pay-as-you-go model.

In this video, you will get a walkthrough of ROC Insights to know how it brings value to your organisation. The video also presents a use case on how the solution has helped a leading Telecom operator in the South East Asia leverage their data for effective campaign management, developing churn management and customer acquisition strategies.

Watch the ROC Insights demo.


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Subex is a leading telecom analytics solutions provider, enabling a digital future for global telcos. Founded in 1992, Subex has spent over 25 years in enabling 3/4th of the largest 50 CSPs globally achieve competitive advantage. By leveraging data which is gathered across networks, customers, and systems coupled
with its domain knowledge and the capabilities of its core solutions, Subex helps CSPs to drive new business models, enhance customer experience and optimise enterprises.
Subex leverages its award-winning product portfolio in areas such as Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Asset Assurance and Partner Management, and complements them through its digital solutions such as IoT Security and Insights. Subex also offers scalable Managed Services and Business Consulting
Subex has more than 300 installations across 90+ countries.