17th Edition of

User Conference 2021

25th - 28th October | 09: 00 - 11:30 AM GMT | 09:30 - 12:00 PM EST | Virtual Event

Please see the video recordings below:


Enterprise AI for Accelerated Growth

Getting the Right Balance of Network Investments, Customer Experience and Profitability

Beyond Boundaries, Breaking Convention - A Sneak Peek into Subex Strategy & Roadmap

ODA Framework for DSPs

From Assuring Revenues to Assuring Business – The Changing Role of RA Function

BA Automation for 5G and Beyond

The Digital Trust Survey for RA, FM, Cyber Security Professionals - Results Preview

CX Assurance - From Theory to Practice | Expert Opinion

Maximize Product Profitability Through 360-degree Margin Analytics

Smart Network Investment Planning for Superior Customer Experience

Maximising Revenues within a 5G B2B2X Ecosystem

Leveraging telecom data for financial inclusion – Balancing trust and inclusion

Fireside chat: Smart customer on boarding - Striking the right balance between customer experience and security

Panel Discussion: Evolution of Fraud and Security Risk Mitigation in 5G

Fraud Management Within the Evolving Cloud Landscape

Handset Fraud: The Complexities and Key Mitigation Strategies

Proactive Remediation: The need to expand the horizon for fraud mitigation.

Signaling Anecdotes - STC Kuwait

Signaling Anecdotes - GO Malta

Executing a Partner Strategy to Monetize 5G and IoT

Enabling Trust in the Digital Partner Ecosystem

Billing & Charging Evolution

Simplifying Partnerships Through Blockchain

Leveraging Deep Learning to Manage Profitable Partnerships

Creating Value from Analytics, AI & Automation

A Conversation with the CIO - Barriers to AI Adoption

Democratizing AI Using HyperSense AI Studio

Leveraging Cognitive RPA for Superior Customer Experience

Transforming for success: Harnessing 5G & automation to innovate & grow

Demystifying the Black Box AI