Fraud Alerts July – September 2017

Man with $191,000 phone bill wins three-year fight with telco

Imagine returning from an overseas work trip and being greeted with a $191,000 phone bill. Kim Beveridge’s first reaction after counting the zeros wasn’t one of horror or even shock, but amazement. He couldn’t fathom how a mobile phone service could rack up that sort of a bill.


Phone scammers now pretending to be telco staff: Singapore Police

Members of the public were told that a mobile phone number registered under their names had been used for illicit activities before an operator asked for their personal information, the police said.


Successful Aging: Phone scams call on us to be more diligent about fraud directed at older Americans

One in every five Americans age 65 or older has been abused financially with losses of almost $3 billion according to a MetLife study. The U.S. Senate Committee on Aging recently identified top 10 scams targeting older adults.


Two months, 200 cases, and HK$60 million saved: Hong Kong police fight fraud with anti-scam unit

A new and covert anti-scamming unit in Hong Kong has tackled 200 fraud complaints involving HK$400 million and smashed a transnational case, just two months after police set it up to tackle the growing menace of online and phone rackets.


Fraud management now eats more than one fifth of ecommerce merchants' operational costs

Ecommerce merchants are investing record sums to combat fraud, according to"Exploring the Financial Impact of Fraud in a Digital World," a new report published today by Vesta Corporation and Javelin Strategy & Research. For the third consecutive year, the organizations surveyed hundreds of ecommerce merchants to assess their fraud fighting costs and challenges.


Safaricom Sets Example by Firing 52 Fraudsters

You do not often see telcos boasting about the number of people they sacked for committing fraud. We should see it more often. Kenyan telco Safaricom is setting an impressive precedent for other telcos, publishing an annual sustainability report that talks not just about the nice things they do – like reducing carbon emissions or employing more women – but also reports on the tough stuff too.


Why you should be careful if your friend ‘Sarah’ texts asking for help

Replying to a text message from your friend ‘Sarah’ could cost you as much as £20, Action Fraud is warning. A new scam is doing the rounds in which a perpetrator sends a text purporting to be your ‘friend’ Sarah. As Sarah is a relatively common name, there’s a high chance you may have a friend called Sarah and be likely to fall for the scam. It first started last year, but has recently resurfaced.


Fraudsters target two-thirds of Irish adults every year

Fraudsters target almost two-thirds of Irish adults every year with scams involving email, phone and other methods, according to a survey published on Monday to coincide with the start of Fraud Awareness Week.


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