Fraud Alerts April – June 2017

Helpful Apps Become the Fraudster’s Traps

We now have apps for everything, including new tools that at first seem to protect us from “bad hombres” (fraudsters), but which actually help the fraudsters to hurt us. One of these apps is TrueCaller. The TrueCaller app was designed to help us identify the persons that are calling us, allowing us to block fraudsters and spam before they reach us.


Latest phone scam claims your SSN has been flagged for fraud

Don’t fall for the latest fraudulent calls that are making their rounds, the Office of Inspector General warned Texans on Tuesday. People across the state are receiving phone calls from individuals pretending to be affiliated with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Inspector General’s Office, according to an emailed statement from the actual Department of Criminal Justice.


China Holds Dozens of Japanese Citizens in Phone Fraud Investigation

The Chinese government has detained several dozen Japanese citizens as part of an investigation into a phone fraud ring that has been targeting elderly victims in Japan. The arrests reportedly occurred in late June and are connected to the problem of phone scams that prey on senior citizens looking for easy cash.


Scammers using SBI phone number in new fraud scheme

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about a new phone number spoofing scam. SBI leaders say scammers are putting the bureau's number, 919-662-4500, on your caller ID when they call and ask for money.


Man who thought he'd cancelled phone contract 12 years ago hit with £4000 bill

Blyth customer loses thousands after paying for a phone he hand't used in more than a decade but unknowingly kept paying for it.


Dish Network Fined $280mn for Telemarketing Calls

Dish Network, the US direct-to-home satellite television provider, has been slapped with penalties totaling USD280mn in response to ‘millions and millions’ of telemarketing violations. In a press release, the US Department of Justice described the fine as the ‘largest-ever telemarketing penalty’ in US history.


Scam Alert : Automated calls state that Social Security Number has been flagged for fraud

The office of Inspector General is advising the public to take caution against fraudulent phone calls. In a statement, the office has alerted all to look out for automated calls in which individuals pose as being with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Inspector Generals's Office.


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