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Red flag: revenues from international calls and interconnect termination are falling every quarter. Reality: subscribers are making calls on over-the-top (OTT) apps without detection. Business imperative: your telco needs to block OTT bypass at the source as it erodes the profitability of your enterprise. Moreover, you need to address OTT bypass since it presents security challenges such as call hijacking, and limited interception and location traceability.

Our OTT Bypass solution proactively arrests potential revenue loss from OTT bypass with end-to-end deployment of mechanisms based on deep packet inspection (DPI), comprehensive protocol analysis and blocking. It detects and blocks calls that originate from a PSTN / GSM network and lands on an OTT app without affecting OTT-to-OTT traffic. Subex leverages rich experience in revenue assurance and fraud management to help telecom enterprises remain vigilant and counter instances of OTT bypass.

Round-the-clock surveillance to block OTT bypass

Our OTT profiling solution analyzes OTT traffic and extracts the metadata parameters of the traffic to classify data traffic as OTT chat and OTT voice, and further sub-classifies it as OTT-to-OTT and PSTN / GSM-to-OTT by evaluating unique signatures within the data packets. It scrutinizes every packet of data that passes through the device from diverse links in the network. Significantly, our solution investigates the content within the actual packet to decipher the applications and services used by subscribers.

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