Volume No. 35 

Hi all,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 

This edition of the newsletter marks the end of FY22 for us, and I must say the year was quite an eventful one. Having launched HyperSense at the beginning of the year, this period has been significant in terms of evolving our portfolio to align with our growth aspirations. We are seeing excellent traction from customers, with numerous deployments underway. The platform has also received recognition from the media and analyst community, including two notable mentions in Gartner’s Market Guide reports, and multiple industry awards during the course of the year. 

With HyperSense, our core solutions have now been equipped with the power of AI/ML capabilities to enable CSPs to tackle challenges as they move towards newer technologies like 5G and IoT. We have also made good progress in our new areas of Sectrio and IDcentral. Sectrio, our security solution, now covers OT Security in addition to IoT security. This has helped us play in a significantly large and growing market and add new customers across different verticals. IDcentral, with the addition of key capabilities, has also attained product-market fit with over 1 Million API pulls from its customers.

As we enter FY23, we have a razor-sharp focus on our vision to enrich lives with AI-led Digital Trust, and we are fully geared up to execute on our strategy. As always, I request your continued support to help create value for all our stakeholders.


Vinod Kumar,
MD and CEO, Subex


Subex announces its consolidated financial results for Q4FY22 



Gartner Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms
Gartner Market Guide for AI in CSP Customer and Business Operations


Here is a collection of our thought leadership content on hot topics like AI, 5G, Blockchain, IoT and Digital Trust.
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Tier-1 Operator
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Operator implements Subex Business Assurance to enhance customer experience on credit adjustment
Tier 1 operator _14 billion
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Tier 1 operator plugs US $1.4 million annually in leakages through enhanced commission management


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Top challenges faced by modern-day CMOs
In the upcoming years, CMOs will have a holistic approach to marketing strategy than just the strategic one and adopt new emerging technologies to make data-driven decisions and deliver an excellent customer experience.


Driving efficiencies in 5G through asset transformation-08
Driving efficiencies in 5G through asset transformation
In this webinar, we join KPMG to talk about how an innovative approach to holistic enterprise asset management can help CSPs mitigate the Capex strain in their journey towards 5G.


HyperSense takes home the 2022 Artificial Intelligence-09
HyperSense takes home the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards organized by the Business Intelligence Group.



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Global guidelines for building trustworthy AI
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Assuring and accelerating profitability in Telco-OTT partnerships
Telco-OTT partnerships can prove to be extremely mutually beneficial, enabling CSPs to enhance revenues and OTTs to expanding their reach. But this partnership also comes with several risks in the areas pertaining to integration, onboarding, subscription, etc.