Employee Testimonials

Manish Vishwas Deshpande

Associate Manager, Managed Services Operations


“In my 10-year long career, five years have been at Subex, and these have been years well spent. During my first stint with Subex, I joined GDO as an OSE, and I received useful training which helped mold me into a well-rounded professional with sound technical knowledge. I returned to Subex as an Associate Manager with the Managed Services team where I have learnt several aspects of leading a team and running a business with a customer-focused attitude. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages me to be innovative, gives me the freedom to do things the way I want to, and teaches things that no business school can.”

Preethi Ganesh

Director Program Delivery, Project Delivery and Client Management – PSO


“There is always a sense of an ‘intangible factor’ that one associates with the choices we make in many aspects of life. The decision of joining an organization that may or may not fit your personality was one such thing for me. A conscious thought or otherwise, Subex felt right. And so began my journey at Subex in 2008.
“During my initial days at Subex, one thing that stood out was the congenial atmosphere. The optimism with which people worked was contagious and everyone genuinely helped each other. This led me to bind myself to the company (both intellectually and emotionally), and job satisfaction followed as a natural consequence. As the years passed by, every opportunity that came my way has been a rewarding experience, helping me grow in the organization through the variety of projects I led.”

Borra Bhaskara Rao

Product Specialist, Global Fulfillment Team, Global Support


“I am proud to be a Subexian – I’ve spent four years of my six-year career here. My experience at Subex has shaped me professionally. The management has the ability to tap the potential in its employees and put them in a place where they can succeed. One of the good things about Subex is its open and transparent culture. We work in a pleasant, multicultural environment with supportive and friendly colleagues. Flexible work hours give us an opportunity for work-life balance. We are offered plenty of training opportunities, and generous benefits. The senior management is approachable and receptive to new ideas.
“The kind of care and support that I received from the management during a rough patch in my personal life made me think of Subex as my second home. The number of long-term employees at Subex is high, and that says a lot about Subex as a company.”


Neha Kumari

Senior Executive, Bid Management, Sales


“I have had the opportunity to work on several challenging and exciting projects. As part of the bid management team, I work with diverse people, both locally and globally. The projects I work on are ably supported by my peers in Subex – we make a fantastic team. Helping clients achieve their business goals has given me valuable professional experience, and skill sets that enable me to confidently take on new projects. I truly enjoy my job and feel I have contributed to the success of our organization.”

Debajyoti Mukherjee

Director, Business Solutions, Project Delivery and Client Management


“A Subexian for over 10 years now, my journey has been a source of constant learning for me. The best part about Subex for me is the Subexian culture that allows easy accessibility to peers (across functions) and seniors, with a work environment of camaraderie and idea generation.

“Joining Subex as a fresher in 2004, I have had the chance to work in the Support, Implementation, Business Consulting and Solution Delivery functions over the years. Every role added to my professional growth, including the opportunity to travel to more than 45 countries on business representing Subex.

Debajyoti Mukherjee

Blaze Thomas

Technical Account Manager, Global Support


“Thirteen years ago, I joined Subex as a raw youngster, and the kind of exposure I have received here has been invaluable. My job gives me the opportunity to work with people across the world, and the projects I work on are supported by a dedicated group of Subexians in Bangalore. I never feel complacent or bored in my role in this organization. Subex encourages you to be innovative, and gives you the freedom to do things the way you want.”

Blaze Thomas

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