Digital Fraud Prevention

Digital Fraud Prevention Powered by Subex

As a digital service provider, telcos encounter a series of challenges involving their traditional network and IP-related services. The evolving fraud pattern has made it even more difficult to detect a threat and resolve it before it impacts the customers. As enterprises increasingly turn to IP services as a means to reduce costs, fraudsters find windfall opportunities in IP networks as well.
To address the current challenges faced by service providers, Subex has bolstered its fraud prevention portfolio with ‘complete digital fraud prevention’ encompassing the gamut of services offered by telcos. With the new solution, telcos benefit from increased fraud coverage across both traditional and digital services.

Digital Fraud Prevention Powered by Subex
The Approach

The Approach

The solution is designed to monitor multiple parts of a telco network starting at the IP layer and going up to layer 7 to detect security and fraud breaches.

The Digital Fraud Prevention (DFP) enabled via Subex Secure revolves around three major functions:

  • Signatures at the network level detect known fraud patterns
  • The Heuristics on the insights helps detect specific tools and tactics employed by fraudsters
  • Anomaly Detection via advanced Machine Learning (ML) gives insights on unknown and zero-day attacks

With this innovative approach, Subex has traversed one more milestone in digital fraud prevention by empowering telcos to not only detect and report the threats but also adopt immediate measures to prevent them further. Thanks to our intelligent, expansive database and the patent-pending algorithm, telcos digital services are secure for now and in the future!

innovative approach Digital Fraud Prevention
Grow Your Business and Revenue around Digital

Grow Your Business and Revenue around Digital

As telcos aspire to become a market differentiator, Digital Fraud Prevention solution helps secure their revenue and resources and accelerate their digital journey. The solution integrates well with traditional systems and supports multiple protocol stacks. We also offer custom deployments focusing on specific segments, which can grow as per the requirements of one’s new digital offerings.


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