Brand Promise

Agility to Embrace New Business Models

Drive new business models

Subex believes that data and infinite connectivity will be necessities of life and work. Telcos need to capitalize on the latent needs of consumers and enterprises with digital products and services. Subex is uniquely positioned to help telecom enterprises open new revenue streams with partners in emerging areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced data analytics.

Drive -2

Define, Deliver and Track Superior Customer Experience


Enhance the customer experience

Subex believes that telecom enterprises can attract and retain subscribers by managing the expectations of subscribers. Telcos need to sense intrinsic needs and preferences and respond with personalized products and services. Subex helps telcos better understand their subscribers by leveraging advanced data analytics and business intelligence for deeper customer engagement.

Continuous Optimization to Meet Business Goals and Monetize Data

Optimize the enterprise

Subex believes that there is a direct correlation between sustainability and operational excellence of telecom enterprises. Telcos need to align people, process and technology to enhance operational efficiencies in their journey to become the preferred digital service provider. Subex helps telecom enterprises rationalize costs, mitigate business risks and make informed capex and opex investments.


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