Asset Lifecycle Analytics

Asset lifecycle analytics powered by Subex

Assets across your telecom enterprise can become liabilities if you do not have visibility into their utilization. You can increase profitability and enhance operational efficiency by managing assets from budgeting and procurement to deployment and retirement with robust analytical and automation capabilities. Subex offers a comprehensive asset analytics solution that addresses network capex optimization while managing the lifecycle of your assets.

ROC™ Asset Life cycle Analytics provides a framework to optimize capex by managing network assets across their life cycle. Our solution helps track assets, automate spares management, optimize asset contracts, and distill business insights from workflows. Significantly, it offers near real-time visibility into network capacity and provides recommendations to maximize network utilization and optimize plan-to-retire and cash-to-cash asset processes.

Asset lifecycle managed by data analytics

ROC™ Asset Lifecycle Analytics is a comprehensive asset lifecycle management solution from procurement to obsolescence. It offers you end-to-end visibility to convert fixed network costs into assets that can be monetized in several business areas:


Increase cash flow
Apply analytics to network capex and repurpose existing assets to generate free cash flow.

Enhance compliance
Reduce human audit by up to 60% and convert regulatory compliance into a business case for network transformation.

Rationalize taxation and insurance
Save millions in taxation and insurance costs by updating the fixed asset register (FAR) with accurate asset lifecycle analytics.

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