Need for Digital Trust in business more than ever before

In today’s digital economy, aligning data privacy and security with business objectives is mandatory. Improve the quality of reporting and business effect of investments in cyber and privacy risk management to achieve a competitive advantage with digital confidence. It goes beyond business processes to be constructive when it comes to digital trust. When introducing emerging technologies, very few businesses have digital trust protections and controls in place. For IoT adoption and the use of artificial intelligence, this is particularly valid. The secret to success is stakeholder engagement and seeking assistance when needed. While introducing new technology, make sure that you understand the effect on key stakeholders, including clients and partners, and how digital confidence can be affected.

Layers of Digital Trust  

Subex holds Digital Trust as a multi-layered matrix. The layers include risk mitigation, security, identity, intelligence, and privacy. These factors ensure trust across users, processes, and infrastructures. These layers build on each other and, once implemented, will provide the credibility necessary to create a distinguished influence and advance the business as a whole.

Risk Management

This layer is an absolute necessity. It is needed to prevent any unfavourable outcomes during business operations. This layer has the capability to detect, remove, minimize, or control the effect of known and unknown threats.

Security and Identity

This layer is required for the maintenance of a healthy business. It is responsible for defending the IT framework and the personal data of users from malicious threats. It also works to safeguard the true identity of users unless they have consented to share their data. As digital products and services proliferate, stakeholders have become accustomed to expecting increased transparency from the organisations with which they interact. Consumers can gather a vast amount of information online even before they engage with digital platforms, not only about the products and services they are interested in, but also about the companies that offer them. They often, in return, provide the company in question with personal and other confidential information. They do this with the expectation of transparency as to how this information, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or other decision-making tools, is stored and used.


This layer is a strategic one that builds competitive advantage and brand reputation. Privacy, real-time data, predictability, and credibility are all this layer’s components. It works by using data to extract useful information and make scientific predictions. Computer logic does not differentiate right from wrong in the same way human beings do. This implies that businesses have to assess how technology can be used in a way that is consistent with their underlying intent and core values. By deploying digital tools in the service of consumer needs and social benefits, they have the ability to develop themselves as worthy of trust. Organizations will tap into long-desired objectives of equity, equality, and well-being by doing this, while curbing misinformation and encouraging technology’s socially beneficial uses.

Privacy and control

For access, ease, and a more personalised experience, people have long exchanged personal data. That consent, however, has its limits. If consumers have reason to believe that their data is being used in ways they do not agree with, under strict regulations, the results may include calls for boycotts, public inquiries, and even severe penalties. Though consumers enjoy the convenience that digital technology offers, they also agree that businesses should be kept responsible for the protection of web users and personal data. And as data breaches continue to hit the headlines, customers take note of the cybersecurity record of a business while availing their services.  In other words, the credibility of a company depends on the strength of its data safety practises.

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