Our Values

Fairness. Commitment. Innovation.


Subexians will be fair in their engagements with all stakeholders at all points in time. We will not take advantage of anybody or mislead. In any situation where we need to decide based on the merits of a case, we will be fair to all parties irrespective of the entities/individuals involved. For ease of illustration, some manifestations of this would be:

  • Trust in each other
  • Respect for each other
  • Openness in communication
  • Issue-based decisions and not people-based
  • Focus on "what is being said" instead of "who is saying"


Subex and Subexians will walk the extra mile and go beyond the call of duty to make things happen. We will try our best to achieve the objectives set and will not leave any stone unturned in that process. Our motto is: "Subex will do whatever it takes for Subexians and Subexians will do whatever it takes for customers." For ease of illustration, some manifestations of this would be:

  • Determination to succeed
  • Focus on long term
  • Good work-life balance
  • Perseverance


In today's competitive world, innovation is a critical element. This innovation must happen in all areas of operation like the way we identify products for our portfolio, the way we develop them, the way we sell them, the way we implement and support them, the way we run our operational processes and in everything that touches the organization. Subexians will strive towards innovation in all these aspects as that then becomes a differentiating edge to us and to all the stakeholders who are associated with us. Some practices that support an innovative attitude are given below:

  • It is okay to make mistakes
  • There is always more than one path to the solution
  • It is not mandatory to follow convention