In the past year, the SGC has been working towards awareness for endangered wild life, as well as reducing our individual carbon footprint. SGC also promoted the spirit of ‘Go Green’ by organizing tree various drives and activities. Some of the highlights of are mentioned below:

  • Awareness for Saving Tigers: This event was run in collaboration with Greenpeace India where “Truth about tigers” movie was screened, followed by a small talk on general awareness of the issue.
  • Movie Week: SGC celebrated the World Environment Week screening environmental movies and documentaries in the cafeteria.
  • World Sparrow Day: Photography contest was held across Subex Offices worldwide.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan & Food wastage/Know your Food in collaboration with Greenpeace India.
  • Themed drawing and Painting competition to create awareness for “Renewable Sources of Energy”.
  • Drive to shut down PC and avoid power wastage in Subex premises.
  • SGC organized a ‘Tree plantation drive’.
  • Celebrated Earth Hour/World Environment Day.
  • SGC provided mugs to Subex Cafeteria to reduce use of paper cups.
  • Reduction in use of tissues and paper cup in Subex premises after Go Green drive in Subex, encouraging Subexians to use plastic cups, or their own mugs.
  • Donate your mug: Subexians were asked to donate extra mugs which are now being used in the cafeteria.
  • Selling cloth bags, natural holi colors.