Let's achieve

The Subex work culture nurtures initiative and creativity, bringing the best out of every Subexian. Subex is all about empowering people and taking them wherever they want to go. It's about offering greater challenges, more development and better training. We want to invest in our people and their careers. We know that when Subexians realize their full potential we can achieve our broader business goals.

At Subex, our people motto is...

  • Subex will do whatever it takes for Subexians!
  • Subexians will do whatever it takes for Customers!

Subexians Speak

Gopalakrishnan Subramanian - Senior Director - Organization Enablement & Readiness
After spending about 18+ years in the Engineering moving to L&D sounds intriguing. This was purely by choice. I developed an interest towards behavioral science and wanted to understand the strengths of each individual to see how I can help empower them to maximize their potential. Understanding an individual and helping him/her to understand self is more fulfilling. It gives a different perspective of the teams and their behaviors. I am glad that Subex has given me the opportunity to re-emphasize the learning culture needed for organizational growth.
Manish Vishwas Deshpande - Associate Manager - MS
“Looking back, I remember the first few weeks of journey with Subex I was more like a fresher with 4 years of experience and Subex always pushed me to next levels and be better every single day. Feeling of achievement at the end of a very hard day makes a day complete and happy. I rejoined Subex for the same feeling”
Mahima Mahadev - Senior Engineer Testing and Configuration
“My experience with Subex has been empowering, dynamic and exceptional. At Subex the exposure to clients from all over the world is extensive. Every individual is provided with an equal opportunity, a platform to excel and travel across the globe to work with clients. My first travel across the globe is an opportunity that came knocking at my door, an opportunity to work at the client site, a chance to learn, develop and implement. Along with Subex every Subexian leaves a footprint across the globe.”
Isha Noohi Chishty - Senior Engineer Testing and Configuration
"The reason of my comeback was mainly the work. I love the kind of work we do. And to be precise there are things which we can never forget. Especially the first company. Subex turned me from amateur to a professional. I am indebted to Subex for giving me the platform to discover my caliber. I love the work I indulge in, the environment, the people. In short it is SUBEX which brought me back to BANGALORE."