Subex Charitable Trust is a trust run by Subexians with help from other Subexians. The funds collected are from Subexians.The Aim of SCT has been to empower people by teaching them to Fish rather than to Feed them.

We have been following this through continuous support for Education and by supporting Vocational Training to Women which will help them attain Self-Sustainability.SCT has been associated with Vidya Poshak in identifying and encouraging Rural students to continue their education, by sponsoring their school tuition fees.

SCT has been helping Prerana Resource Centre, a Centre for Destitute Women, to manage their monthly expenses and also helping them in their Income Generation Activities.SCT has been organizing Blood Donation Camps and Eye Donation Camps every year.

Impact on Society

Our Nurture Merit program has impacted Students in such a way that these very sponsored Students have contributed back to the Society in whatever means they can, both Monetary (once they have started earning) and with their TIME.

Through Prerana Resource Centre, SCT has helped destitute women in Self Sustainability by marketing their Products. This has helped them gain confidence to lead a normal life.

The Donation Camps have been getting more volunteers year on year. This shows the Social Responsibility Impact on Individuals.By continuing these activites, SCT hopes to bring about an impact that each Individual knows his/her responsibility towards the Society and can do their bit, to be the Change Agents to empower more people tomorrow and to keep this Chain moving forever.