Reduced total cost of ownership

Reduces the initial system cost & allows additional modules to be easily added at a later date if the business demands it

Optimize network capacity

Optimizes routing table by utilizing the circuit details for incoming and outgoing suppliers.

Manage network quality

Allows operators to define quality threshold levels results improved Revenue and Margins


Interconnection charges often change at short notices and operators can not only lose margins if they do not update their rates in real time, but can actually suffer losses. With really thin margins, Telcos can no longer afford to further lose either because of human error in updating the information or because of network congestion. There is thus a definite case for an automated, real-time Route Optimisation solution, one that can take aspects, such as call quality, traffic forecasts and network capacity into consideration besides rate information.


ROC Route Optimisation is designed to provide operators with tools to manage network cost information supplied by other operators. Additional analysis on the impact of current operator tariffs as well as forecasts on potential future operator tariffs is also featured. The system is capable of taking into account factors, such as call quality, rate information, capacity, and network costs to arrive at the optimum choice of operators.

ROC Route Optimisation ensures that the entire end-to-end processes from dial code/destination operator rate imports to switch updates are controllable and auditable. It is fully supported by a comprehensive list of reports, and, when generating an optimized routing table, the system provides an integrated management of the routing table changes across multiple business functions.




  • ROC ® Route Optimisation's robust functionality provided a seamless integration and optimization of our network routes

    Wholesale & Interconnection Manager, Tier 1 NA Operator