Excellent Service Fulfillment

Enable first-time-right service fulfillment & reduce order fallout through perpetual inventory data integrity

Recover Assets

Recover stranded assets by re-deploying unused or underutilized network devices

Improve Service Assurance

Improve service assurance processes by ensuring integrity of network data used by customer service representatives


Data accuracy and integrity are the tenets of operational excellence for telecommunications and network service providers. The quality, accuracy, consistency and relevance of data about the "as is" state of the network and services are essential for operations, such as error-free provisioning, service design and activation, customer care, capacity and network planning.

As companies move toward real-time (or near-real-time) provisioning of services, data integrity problems in the inventory are huge roadblocks for effective service delivery. At the same time, as companies focus on cost containment and belt tightening, improving data integrity between inventory systems and the network presents a gold mine to those wanting to identify stranded assets in the network.


Subex is the pioneer of data integrity management, with over a decade of experience in data integrity transformations with the world's leading service providers. ROC Data Integrity Management is the industry's first Data Integrity Management solution for improving the quality of data that drives key service provider processes, resulting in lower costs and higher service profitability. ROC Data Integrity Management discovers devices and logical services in diverse network environments and reconciles this data with the OSS/BSS on a continuous, controlled basis. The result is consistent, relevant data throughout service provider operations, enhancing the effectiveness and value of service fulfillment, service assurance, and billing systems.


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  • With the help of ROC ® Data Integrity Management we could tackle cost overruns through recovery of stranded assets worth USD 8.6 MN

    Senior Network Infrastructure Manager, NA Wireless Operator