Reduce bad debt

Helps the operator to take steps to minimize the exposure and thus proactively minimize bad debt.

Improve debtor turnover ratio

Tracks subscriber promises of payment to fulllment and identies payment realization problems.

Trim operational expenses

Enable operator to undertake rapid investigations allows team to handle more issues & handle them efficiently.


Credit Risk Management has been traditionally focusing on acquiring the right set of customers and on pursuing delinquents after they have not paid their bills for a specific number of days. While these activities are important, many Telcos need to plug the loopholes in their credit risk management exercise by monitoring the ongoing usage of subscribers. Usage monitoring can provide significant clues to the risks associated with subscribers. Operators can thus detect risk early and reduce their exposure to risks resulting from subscriber defaults.


ROC Credit Risk Management empowers operators to continuously assess and mitigate risk presented by subscribers throughout their life-cycle. It allows the operator to easily and quickly define various risk indicators and controls, and to adapt to local, cultural, and regulatory requirements.

The solution also provides the operator with a holistic view that helps in understanding a subscriber's risk profile and thereby aids risk management. ROC Credit Risk Management hence enables the operator to stay agile in the ever-changing socio-economic conditions that affect the overall level of risk in a region.



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  • ROC ® Credit Risk Management's advanced payment monitoring capabilities helped us identify subscribers failing to make their payments in time and hence reducing time to recover invoiced amounts.

    Chief Risk Manager - Tier 1 APAC operator