Optimize Leased Circuit Costs

Discover circuit usage patterns and reconcile circuit records data with invoices.Identify unused circuits, trac trends and stranded circuits

Reduce Interconnection Costs

Discover transit trac costs and reconcile with invoices received from other CSPs. Enables faster Carrier to Carrier settlement

Assure Access Costs

Associate usage with provider & validate invoices against usage and settle with providers

Intuitive GUI

Context sensitive user interface that is built to be user friendly and enhance workflow efficiency.

Mobile Enabled

Mobile App facilitates extensive collaboration via SMS, Mobile App Notification, Email, Simple Chat and Calling feature.

Robust Case Management

Provides flexibility to analysts & empowers them to be more productive. Also integrated with Zen for faster Root Cause Analysis.


Profit is determined by two factors: revenue and costs. Although most service providers realize the importance of revenue assurance, it is high time they started focusing on Cost Management as well, to complete the profit equation. In fact, service providers can save up to 5% of their annual revenue through effective cost management, which directly increases their bottom line. With the advent of next-generation services and converged networks, operations are becoming increasingly complex, and the number of partners and interconnect carriers is sharply rising. This can often lead to errors that are hard to detect, and directly impact the costs of services. To overcome these challenges, service providers need a robust cost management system that helps them identify the sources of losses and correct those errors.


ROC Cost Management is a state-of-the-art revenue management offering from Subex, which helps service providers effectively monitor and manage the cost of services. ROC Cost Management collects and analyzes information from multiple sources, such as switch, inventory, billing, partner invoices, and financial systems. Any discrepancies identified are automatically reconciled and the root cause of the error is identified. It also has the ability to automatically initiate payment related disputes based on predefined business rules, and track them to closure. The payment and accrual capability of ROC Cost Management allows the customer to get a detailed view of the sources of hidden costs, trends and risks through a customizable account interface.



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  • With the advent of newer technologies, monitoring cost of services is very important.ROC ® Cost Management helped us in managing those cost impacts

    VP Cost Management, Tier 1 European Operator