Subex Charitable Trust (SCT) extends the outlook of Subex as a corporate entity into Community Service. SCT aids in helping the less fortunate strata of our society including orphanages, old-age homes and needy individuals, in a structured manner. The trust has its own budget and a set of trustees who manage the funds and activities. Most of the activities taken up by SCT involve direct help to the needy and not mere donation of funds to other larger charitable organizations. Subexians are encouraged to inform the trust about individual causes that require help, however small they might be. The trustees then check the genuineness of the cause and arrange for the funds or help accordingly.Besides these, SCT is also involved in helping select institutions like orphanages, school for the visually impaired and old-age homes.

SCT manages the day-to-day running expenses and Subexians also volunteer for help during weekends. SCT has also lent a helping hand in terms of monetary contributions made by Subexians, with matching grants by Subex, for natural calamities like the Gujarat Earthquake, and, the more recent, Tsunami disaster.

Some of the projects SCT is involved with, besides individual causes, include:

  • Vishwaneedam Trust, Bangalore
  • Gurukul School (Vedavyasa Bharati Trust), Bangalore
  • Aashta Foundation for Human Learning and Growth, Bangalore
  • Tribal Health Initiative, Sittilingi, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu
  • Chetana Apangamati Vikas Sanstha, Kolhapur, Maharastra
  • Rakum School for the Blind, Bangalore
  • Prerana Resource Center, Bnagalore
  • Ananda Marga school, Kolar district
  • Supported Swanthana, a center for physically and mentally challenged girls